Kilimanjaro Premium Coffee offers specialty Tanzanian Arabica beans from Mt. Kilimanjaro or, the “Roof of Africa.” We wholesale to boutique cafés that value artisanal coffee and retail to individual coffee connoisseurs and fans in search of the most rare and unique flavors. Bean varieties include high altitude AA, AA and AB.

Beans-hands-01ABOUT OUR COFFEE

Single origin. 100% Arabica bean.

Our coffee beans undergo meticulous care to ensure a crisp flavor and unique fruity notes of the highest quality. The cherries are carefully picked and pulped before they are naturally fermented for 36 hours, washed and put through a grading channel to classify the lighter coffee beans from the heavier beans. For the brightest taste, the coffee is then dried for a minimum of one week under the powerful African sun.

Kilimanjaro coffee exhibits distinct flavors and a full body that has given it a reputation as one of Africa’s best coffees.


Our primary bean provider, Kilimanjaro Plantation, is one of the largest coffee farms in all of Tanzania. It is located on the rich savannahs of Mt. Kilimanjaro, boasting altitudes of 1000 to 1400 meters above sea level. The farm thrives due to the region’s elevation and climate, as well as its advanced production techniques.

Mt. Kilimanjaro’s slopes, fertile volcanic clay soil, steady climate and accessibility to springs and rivers make for fantastic bean growing conditions. Only the best and strongest Arabica seeds are selected and planted in the fields.

We are firm believers in transparency. It is important to us to stay at the forefront of the third-wave movement by maintaining our status as a single origin bean provider.